7 Perks of Owning a Dog Walking Business

There are a tons of positive benefits of owning a dog walking service. Here are 7 of my favorite perks for dog walking business owners, there are even more of course. Be careful though, you just might be inspired to start your own dog walking service after reading! 

#1 Freedom

This is my #1 because I truly believe it's the best! Owning a dog walking business means you're free to build a business around what's most important to you, with no one telling you what you can and can't do.

#2 Flexible Schedule

This ties into freedom, but deserves a mention in its own right. Want to be able to send your kids to school in the morning and be done working in time to pick them up after? 100% possible. Want to be off weekends and holidays? Dog walkers can set up a schedule that meets those desires, no problem. 

#3 The Money

Surprised? While dog walkers who work for someone else might not be making that much, owning your own dog walking business cuts out the middleman and the profits can be HUGE. With very low overhead expenses, dog walking business owners can easily make a living in this career, particularly if they focus on urban areas and/or pack walks.

#4 Work Outdoors

If your idea of a personal hell is being stuck inside at a desk all day, then you're gonna be stoked to work outside. Sure, that means working in bad weather sometimes, but it beats being chained to a desk.

#5 Exercise

Dog walkers get plenty of walking in everyday, so if you've ever wanted to get paid to workout, this is a great way to do it. You can walk miles each day at work. You can even offer a dog running service if cardio is your jam. Or, do what I do and offer hikes on trails and take your pick from easy to strenuous hikes.

#6 Health

Not only does dog walking keep you physically active, being around dogs can lower anxiety and have positive benefits to your heart health. When I'm stressed out, going to work actually helps me blow off steam and reduce stress and anxiety. 

#7 The Dogs!!!

Rolling in at lucky 7, last but definitely not least, it's the dogs themselves! Making a dog's day is just rewarding in itself. You literally get to make so many dog friends it's ridiculous. And you get paid to make that dog's life better. Having a dog literally jump for joy when I arrive gives me all the feels. Can't beat that!