7 Ways to Promote Your Dog Walking Business

#1 Email List

Have an email opt-in on your website with an incentive for people who sign up. Email your list regularly so you can stay in touch with potential customers. Be sure to email them info they will appreciate and enjoy— not just emails trying to sell your service. 

#2 Local Events

If your town has local events where you can get a booth and promote yourself, this might be the perfect opportunity to promote your business. You can consider any event where your ideal clients will attend. 

#3 Network

Get to know other pet pros in your area so you can refer one another. Look for local Facebook referral groups (or start one!). You can also reach out via email or Facebook messenger, both have been effective for me. 

#4 Branded Apparel

Wear clothing with your logo on it all around your service area. If you get your info on the back people will have something to read (and chat about with you) when you’re in line at the store, at the dog park, etc. 

#5 Signage on Your Vehicle

This is another good way to build brand awareness— even when your vehicle is parked you’re advertising. Just be sure to be a considerate driver, nobody wants to hire a dog walker they see flipping the bird and cutting people off, lol. 

#6 Always Carry Business Cards

You never know when you’ll run into someone who wants a card, I hand them out on the trail from time to time. 

#7 Pet All the Dogs!

Since you’re dog crazy I bet you already ask to pet people’s dogs all the time when you’re out and about. While you’re giving the pup some good loving you can chat up the owner, asking the pups name, and dropping in that you love dogs so much that you’re a dog walker. And since you have business cards on you all the time, you can give them a card if they are interested.