Best Way to Copy a Design to a New Project in Canva


There are a few ways to transfer a design in Canva from one project to another. This video shows a couple of these options, including the method I use and, in my opinion, is the best way to do this. Read the bulleted lists below for one more way you can do this too.

I originally created this video showing how to copy your Canva design from one project to another for my Templates for Pet Pros member Facebook group, so it does reference our template pack and assume you have a basic working knowledge of Canva (members have access to a Canva tutorial library). 

Watch the video to see a step-by-step instructions on how you can easily transfer a Canva design to another project.

Here's a quick rundown for reference:

Copy and Paste Option

  • Go to the design you'd like to copy
  • Click on the design
  • Hold down your command or control key and press "A" to select everything
  • Hold down your command or control key and press "C" to copy 
  • Go to the project you want to copy the design to.
  • Hold down your command or control key and press "V" to paste 
  • Change the background color to match your original design (from your original design, click on the background, then click the colored square on the navigation bar. From there, click the rainbow square that has a + in the middle, and copy the hex code that appears. Navigate to the other project, follow the same first 3 steps, and paste the hex code into the box.)

Canva is Magical Option (my favorite!!!)

  • Open the project you want to copy your existing design to. 
  • From the sidebar, navigate to the design you want to copy (either in your folders or all your designs).
  • Click the design and it will automatically be copied over. 
  • Click on the project you want to copy.

Copy the Project Option

There is another way to do this that isn't shown in the video tutorial, and that is to make a copy of the existing design.

  • View your projects on your Canva home page or the folder they are in.
  • Mouse over the thumbnail for your design; you'll see 3 dots appear in the top right corner.
  • Click the dots.
  • Click "make a copy" from the dropdown menu.

This will create an exact copy of your design and you can delete any extra pages that you don't need for multi-page projects.

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