5 Reasons You Need Dog Walking Insurance

Do Dog Walkers Need Insurance?

There is no legal requirement for dog walkers to be insured in the U.S., however there are many reasons why you should invest in an insurance policy. Most insurance plans for dog walkers range from just over $100 to about $600 or so depending on the coverage and type of services provided.

Here are 5 reasons why dog walking insurance is beneficial to you and your business. 

#1 It Protects You

Liability insurance can protect you in the event that a dog in your care:

  • Is injured
  • Bites someone
  • Attacks another dog
  • Gets ill or passes away

And it can protect you if:

  • A client accuses you of not holding up your end of your service agreement
  • A loose dog attacks your client dog
  • A dog you're walking jumps up and injures someone
  • A dog slips his collar and is hit by a car
  • You trip and fall on a dog and injure him
  • And more!

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Insurance can cover veterinary bills and legal costs, saving you much more than the insurance premium you paid. 

#2 It’s a Mark of Professionalism

Having insurance is a  great marketing point for potential clients, plus it means you'll be able to handle any incidents professionally by taking care of the bill. While you may be able to cover minor incidents out-of-pocket, you’ll be ill prepared if the financial blow is out of reach. When you're insured, you can make the best of a bad situation by covering the financial aspect of the incident. 

#3 Not Having it May Cost You

I’ve used my policy on more than one occasion. In one incident, had I not had the policy, the damages I would've had to cover were more than double my monthly income. Yikes! I didn't have to pay a dime thanks to my insurance policy. 

#4 Peace of Mind

Having insurance means not having to worry about paying for incidents out of pocket, so you can rush a dog in your care to the emergency vet and not worry about being stuck with the bill. In the event that a dog is attacked or bites, you’ll already be stressed enough without having to worry about vet and medical costs as well as legal fees. Knowing you’re covered can give you peace of mind. 

#5 You May Have to Be Insured for Permits

In some areas dog walkers are required to have a permit to walk in certain areas, such as local trails and open spaces. It's common practice to be required to add the city, county, or land management company to your insurance policy as additional insured.