5 Essential Skills Every Dog Walker Should Have

#1 Knowledge of Dog Body Language

Being able to recognize the signs of fear, stress and aggression means you'll know how a dog is feeling and can anticipate his behavior. This means you can avoid getting bitten, and recognize when a dog is distressed.

#2 Understanding of How Dogs Learn

As dog handlers, it's important to know the basics of how dogs learn so you can best respond and manage their behavior. Although it's not typically our job to correct problem behaviors, being able to implement management tools can help make your job a lot easier since you can better manage pulling and other issues. 

#3 Pet CPR & First Aid

Knowing how to respond in an emergency means you might be able go save a dog's life. Plus, you'll be able to recognize signs of medical distress and know how to handle them.

#4 Familiarity with Dog Gear

Walkers should know the ins and outs of equipment so they can use and put on harnesses and head halters properly. 

#5 Customer Service

Since dogs don't pay your invoices, it's actually the people you need to impress. After all, they are the ones who hire you. Knowing how to serve clients well is a skill that goes a long way in maintaining clients long term.