How to Quit your Day Job to Become a Professional Dog Walker

If you want to be a dog walker, but can't figure out the best option to ditch your day job so you can get started, this post is for you! Here are some options to jump-start your dog walking career. 

Start with a Side Hustle

Even if you're working full time, you can start getting a client base set up. 

  • Get your business set up with license, insurance, etc. Check out this post for the basics that you'll need. 
  • Start walking in your off hours, or offering pet sitting. 
  • Get your website up and running, and start advertising and networking. 
  • Start a wait list. 

Start Part Time

If you can keep your current job but go part time so your schedule allows you to walk dogs too, this is a great option. 

  • Reduce your hours at your current job.
  • Get a part time job somewhere new if reducing hours isn't possible.

Quit Your Job

Dive right into building your business by quitting your job and dedicating 100% of your time to your new business. I quit my full time job to start my dog walking business, but not without some planning. Here are some tips:

  • Save a 6-12 month fund that will cover your monthly expenses so you won't be stressed about money while building up your client base.
  • Start planning before you quit your job, so you have a solid marketing plan and know how to get started. 
  • Make a list of all the start up expenses you'll have for your business, so you can save ahead of time and cover those expenses.


Building a steady client base takes time, so make sure you set yourself up for success knowing it may take 6 months or more to be able to support yourself solely with your walking income.