How to use Instagram's New "Pin to Your Profile" Feature for Your Dog Business 📌

Instagram feature: pin to profile for dog businesses

Wondering how to use the "pin to profile feature on Instagram for your dog business? Let's take a look at how you can pin posts to the top of your profile, why you should take advantage of this feature for your brand, and what type of posts you should pin! 

What is "Pin to Profile" on Instagram?

Pin to profile is an Instagram feature that allows users to "pin" up to 3 posts to the top of their profile. This moves your pinned posts to display at the top of your profile, above your other posts. Previously only your most recent posts could be displayed in the top row of your Instagram profile.

This is a feature all dog businesses should take advantage of, because those top 3 posts are prime real estate on your Instagram profile!

Pinned posts appear at the top of your profile with a pushpin icon in the top right corner.

Why Dog Businesses Should Use the "Pin to Your Profile" Feature on Instagram

This feature allows you to choose which posts you highlight at the top of your profile so they get the more visibility and increased engagement. The advantage here is that you can guide viewers to look at the posts you want them to see most. Read on for ideas on what type of posts you might want to select for this prominent spot on your Instagram profile.

How to Use "Pin to Your Profile"

Selecting which posts to pin is simple, simply go to the post in your feed, tap the 3 dots at the top right, and select "pin to your profile" from the dropdown menu. This feature works on all types of Instagram content, including videos and reels. 

Watch How it's Done

Use a Clear Reels Cover

If you're pinning a reel, be sure to use a cover that clearly shows what the reel is about. It needs to be easy to read and properly cropped to display correctly in your feed, so users are prompted to click on it. Find reels covers inside the membership by searching for "reels cover", or create your own with Canva.

What to Pin

Think of your pinned posts as the most important information you want new visitors to see. This might fluctuate depending on what's currently happening in your business. Here are some possibilities:

  • An introduction to you and your products/services
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Special offers/new collections you are promoting
  • Things prospective customers need to know 

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