20 Instagram Reels Ideas for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

20 Instagram reel ideas for dog walker and pet sitters

Instagram reels are a useful tool to connect with current and future clients, especially dog walkers and pet sitters. If you need topic ideas to promote your dog walking and/or pet sitting services on Instagram, look no further! Here are 20 ideas you can use for your Instagram reels (and TikTok videos too). 

Why Instagram Reels are a Smart Marketing Tool for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Video content is a powerful way to build trust because viewers get a feel for your personality and feel like they "know" you. When you're caring for people's pets, gaining client trust is essential. They need to feel safe leaving their fur babies in your care. 

Reels build rapport with potential clients since they can get a sense of your personality and how you will treat their animals, and in turn, you start to build a relationship of trust.

Instagram reels also provide an ideal format to establish yourself as an expert in your field. When you share your knowledge about pets and pet care, potential clients can see that you know your stuff and start to trust and use your recommendations.

And because reels are shown to Instagram users who don't already follow you, they are also a great way to attract new potential clients.

When potential clients get used to seeing you in their feed and respect the info you provide, they are much more likely to remember you when they need a pet sitter or dog walker, and that means new clients and more income for your business (woohoo!).

Instagram Reels Ideas for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Businesses

  1. Your daily routine while out walking dogs or pet sitting - include clips of you interacting with the pets, setting up safety measures, and tending to their needs.
  2. Showcase some of your favorite places you take the dogs to - share clips of the scenery, dogs enjoying themselves and reasons why it's a personal favorite.
  3. Feature your furry clients - show off the different breeds, sizes, and personalities of the dogs you walk.
  4. Share tips and tricks for dog owners - provide helpful advice on safety, nutrition, and training focusing on your areas of expertise.
  5. Show off the fun activities you do with the dogs - include clips of them playing fetch, going for a swim, and enjoying nature. 
  6. Introduce yourself and your services - show clips of you interacting with clients pets, why you're qualified, what services you provide and your service area.
  7. Share tips for pet parents on how to make the pet sitting experience easier - include things that help their pet feel more comfortable and best practices to ensure a smooth experience.
  8. Showcase a ‘Day in the Life’ of a pet sitter or dog walker - share clips of your day-to-day routines including what you to do keep your client pets happy and safe.
  9. Show the benefits of your pet sitting services - this might be how it can curb anxiety for pets that hate kennel environments, for example.
  10. Celebrate special moments of the pets you’re caring for - if you celebrate birthdays or holidays with client pets, take some video clips to share the celebration with your followers.
  11. Show off your best pet sitting and dog walking tricks - simple things you do and gear you use everyday might not be common knowledge to pet parents, so take short video clips to share.
  12. Answer FAQs about pet sitting and dog walking - use text over a video clip, a voiceover, or film yourself answering FAQs.
  13. Feature other pet care professionals you collaborate with - help promote each other and post the reel jointly on both your accounts using Instagram's collab feature.
  14. Demonstrate a few of your favorite pet-related products - take videos of the items or use Instagram's green screen feature to show a website/image of the item in the background.
  15. Show a transformation of a dog or cat - this might be an energetic dog before the walk and the same dog tired afterwards, or a shy and anxious pet at the beginning of a pet sit who is excited to see you by the end.
  16. Introduce a few of your favorite dog-friendly places - such as local restaurants, shops, breweries, wineries and events.
  17. Create a reel featuring tips on how to choose the right equipment for dog walks (collar, harness, etc.)
  18. Share products you don't recommend and why - take videos of the items at a pet store or use Instagram's green screen feature to show a website/image of the item in the background.
  19. Ask your clients or colleagues to record a short video clip testimonial, or share a written testimonial over a video clip.
  20. Type a quote pet parents will relate with over a video clip.

We hope these ideas help you create interesting and engaging content for your followers! 

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Bonus tip: Include a clear reel cover title, either by using designated reels covers, or choosing a screen grab that includes a clear title to use as your cover image.