Market Your Dog Walking Service With Facebook Groups

If you’re not using Facebook groups to market, it’s worth a shot since it’s completely free! If you’re not familiar with Facebook groups, they are essentially a page within Facebook created for people with similar interests. Some are public, others are private and you need to request to join. Once you’re a member you’ll see some of the group posts in your Facebook feed, or you can visit the group directly to view and post.

Find Relevant Groups

Avoid buy and sell groups, you want local community groups where people often post looking for service providers. Here are some ideas for groups that might be available to you:

  • Community groups (for your area)
  • Mom’s groups 
  • Dog and pet groups
  • Pet professional groups
  • Local business groups

Follow Group Rules

Be sure to take a look at the group rules before you post about your business. You don’t want to violate the rules and irritate people. Even if you can’t post your business directly, often times it’s okay to promote on posts where people are looking for a dog walker. 

Start Your Own Group

If there aren't any local groups, or if there aren't any dog focused groups in your area, you can start your own. Big plus— you get to make the rules!