Must Know Instagram Reels Cover Hack


Ever post a reel to Instagram only to have the text on your IG cover feed get cropped off? Solve this problem by making a cover for your reels with Canva! 

Create a Reels Cover that Crops Perfectly for your Instagram Feed

  1. In Canva, click create a design
  2. Choose Instagram Story
  3. From the shapes section, select the gray square and add it to your design.
  4. Drag the corner of the square to enlarge it to the same width as the background.
  5. Center the square (look for the solid pink line in center of the project indicating it's centered.
  6. Adjust the opacity of the square using the transparency tool in the toolbar.
  7. Customize your cover however you like, ensuring any elements you'd like to be visible on your Instagram feed post stay inside the square.
  8. Delete the square and you're good to go! 


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