Avoid these Cringeworthy Instagram Mistakes

woman in yellow coat with cell phone in hand

Growing your Instagram account takes a lot of effort,  don't hurt your reputation by making these cringey mistakes!


Mistake #1: Tagging accounts with no correlation to your post

Guys, as someone who has been tagged constantly by other accounts, I can tell you first hand this is annoying as hell. It's one thing to tag a brand that is represented in your post on occasion, but tagging other accounts is a major faux pas. I've actually blocked other accounts for constantly tagging me in all their random posts. This is a terrible way to get attention, and a great way to get blocked.


Mistake #2: Follow for Follow Requests

Begging for followers annoys other users, and is a poor strategy to grow your following. You want quality followers who are interested in your content, not just randos who will do a follow for follow simply to grow their account numbers. Focus on creating great content and having genuine interactions with other accounts. Quality followers are what you're after.


Mistake #3: Using bots to leave comments

Having a bot auto post comments is a strategy, but it's not a good one. I've seen comments like "I love this, let's collab!" on posts about a pet that's passed away, talk about inappropriate! 

First, consider the fact that bot comments are against Instagram's terms of use, so using them means you might lose access to your IG account. If that's not reason enough for you, know that savvy Instagram users can smell a bot comment a mile away. If you want to attract genuine followers, you need to leave genuine comments that show you actually looked at the content. Building real relationships is going to be much more effective because you want engaged followers.


Great Content at you Fingertips

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