Should You Include Rates on Your Dog Walking Website?

Not sure if you should include your rates on your website? Here are some reasons why I encourage you to post them!

It Weeds Out People Who Aren't Willing to Pay Your Rates

It's awkward when people call who have no idea what walkers charge and are taken aback by your prices. They may have sticker shock or just don't want to pay what you charge. While you can tell them about your service and how you're different from other walkers, if they aren't willing to pay what you charge, it's a waste of time. 

If you Don't Include Your Rates, Visitors May Bounce

When you're shopping for a service, you're going to want to know how much it costs. Dog walking is no exception. If visitors can't find your pricing, they may bounce on the the next walker who does list prices. 

You Want to Convert Visitors to Clients

Your website is prime marketing material, and your goal should be to convert visitors into new clients. They can't decide if they want to use your service if they don't have all the essential info, including rates. 

Need Help Setting Your Rates?

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