5 Ways to Avoid Dog Walking Catastrophes


#1 Stay Alert

Prevent injuries and emergencies by staying alert, scanning your environment for hazards like unfriendly dogs approaching, unknown substances on the ground and known hazards such as rodent poisons, toxic plants and mushrooms.


#2 Be Prepared

Educate yourself so you can recognize early signs of fear or aggression in dogs and avoid altercations. Carry a citronella spray (such as Spray Shield) to break up fights in an emergency. Be familiar with best practices if a dog you're walking is involved in a fight. Always carry a cell phone so you can call for help. 


#3 Take a Pet First Aid & CPR Class

While the certification helps build trust among potential clients, knowing how to respond in an emergency is essential for all dog walkers.


#4 Keep First Aid Kits Stocked and Ready

This includes a pet first aid kit and human one for you too. Stock them with gauze, tape, wound cleaner, benadryl, vet wrap, band-aids and Neosporin to name a few.


#5 Know How to Get to the Emergency Vet

Don't wait until an emergency is happening, drive the route ahead of time. When I had employees I scheduled them to drive there during their orientation time so they knew how to get there too.


#6 Keep Client Emergency Contacts Handy

Always get emergency contacts during your meet & greets, including all client phone numbers (home, cell & work if applicable), veterinarian contact info for each dog, and an emergency contact other than the client if available. Keep these easily accessible so you can alert clients right away in the event of an emergency.