What to Post on Social Media for Dog Walkers

Ever wondered what on earth you should be posting to social media? Here are 5 ideas to keep your feed flowing and engaging so you'll attract and retain quality followers. 

#1 Behind the Scenes

Give your followers a peek at what goes on behind the scenes in your business. This could be a dog's excited greeting at the start of a walk, giving a dog a belly rub or showing a pup doing something cute during your outing. 

#2 Teach Them Something

Pull from your knowledge of dogs and teach your followers something. Simple things like how put on a gentle leader, prevent jumping up or remove a tick are all helpful to pet owners. Plus, it establishes you as an expert in your field.

#3 Share Local Events and Dog Friendly Businesses

Keep your followers in the know about local dog friendly events and businesses. Bonus: Take a photo at the business you're featuring, then tag them when you post to Facebook and/or Instagram. They may share your post, plus they will notice if you continue to support and interact with them, a smart networking move!

#4 Don't Forget to Post Photos & Videos of You

People want to get a feel for who you are, so don't forget to post photos with you in them too! I know I'm guilty of not doing this, but when I do post these, they tend to get the most engagement out of all my posts. Plus they put a face to the business name. If you have employees, show them too. 

#5 Show the Benefits of Your Service

Notice I didn't say sell. If you show the benefits your service will sell itself. Think about what need you're filling for your clients, and use your posts to demonstrate how you are meeting the need.