The Best Social Media Platform for Marketing Pet Services

The Best Social Media Platform to Market Pet Services

Whether you're a dog walker or trainer, pet sitter, dog groomer, pet photographer, pet wedding attendant or offer another pet service, if you're pet service provider, Instagram is probably the best social media platform to market your business. Here are some reasons why Instagram is my top pick for pet service providers:

You Can Target a Local Audience with Instagram

When you're providing pet services like walking, sitting, training and grooming, your target market will typically reside within a designated area. This means you want to attract and engage people with pets who live within a specific area, who can become clients.

Instagram has some features that can help your content reach your local audience:


Use local hashtags in the caption the Instagram posts for your dog business. That way, when people search this hashtag your content will show up. Users who follow hashtags may also see your post in their feed. 

Location Tags

Instagram allows you to add a location tag to your posts, and users can view posts based on location. This can help get your posts in front of users who are local to you.

You'll Get Better Reach on Instagram

Organic posts on Instagram typically get better reach than they do on Facebook, unless you already have a large audience on Facebook. This means more people will see your posts on Instagram, and you have a higher chance of attracting new clients.

Going Viral on TikTok is Overrated

Platforms like TikTok are known for boosting businesses overnight when a video goes viral, however this works better for businesses who sell products and can ship them all over the world. For service professionals it will likely get you a lot of new followers who aren't local and therefore aren't potential clients. Keep in mind that your goal is to market to potential new clients. A small number of quality followers are much more important than a large follower count of people will never become clients.

Instagram is Less Competitive than Facebook

Instagram has about 1.3 billon users as of this writing, while Facebook has about 2.9 million. You have a better chance of your content being seen with fewer accounts to compete with. 

Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Platform for Pet Service Providers

Instagram's features that allow you to better target a local audience for your pet business while enjoying less competition for views. This makes Instagram my top pick for most pet providers! One caveat- you need to make sure your ideal clients you're trying to attract are Instagram users! If you're targeting senior citizens for example, Instagram probably isn't going to be effective. Gut if you're like most pet service providers millennials make up a good chunk of your clientele, and they do hang out on Instagram. If your target audience fits Instagram's demographics, it's by far my favorite platform for marketing pet services organically.